VIDEO FAB: Rihanna Rehearses For Her “LOUD” World Tour


Fans of Rihanna, who enjoy her live performances, can watch the singer prepare for her LOUD World Tour via a series of videos popping up on the web.  Check them out inside….


Rihanna wants fans to see how she prepared for her LOUD tour through a series of videos popping up on the web.  In the clips, choreographer Stephanie Roos explained that the show is divided into five parts—LOUD, Hard, Sex Shop, Love/Hate, and Fun.  And music director Kevin Antunes explained, 

“One of the biggest goals that I have for Rihanna’s ‘LOUD’ tour is she’s got such big records—you hear them on the radio, you hear them everywhere you go.  I think because her songs are so big around the world that you take it for granted that she’s really, really a good vocalist and I want to make sure that that’s highlighted in the show.”


Check some of them out inside.




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